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Hospitality Management

Would you like to work at a trendy restaurant that receives rave reviews? An elegant hotel that serves business travelers? A popular vacation resort near the beach? A small bed and breakfast in a charming town? Or how about a large catering company that caters important events across the country? Make no mistake, the tourism and hospitality industry is a large and varied sector with a wide range of career opportunities and lots of room for growth. read more [+]

The truth is that one of the ways to begin a career in the tourism and hospitality management industry is to study a hospitality management degree or certificate. Combining theoretical and practical training, programs may prepare graduates to work in hotels, restaurants, resorts, catering companies, event venues, and other hospitality-related businesses. Instruction may largely focus on tourism, events, food, and lodging and develops skills that are essential to the hospitality industry, including management, operations, marketing, leadership, customer relations, and safety. In fact, a good hospitality management program may provide you with the knowhow that the numerous career opportunities in the hospitality industry demand.

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