Food and Beverage Management

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Food and Beverage Management

Today's chef may not only prepare food and create delicious dishes, but also conveys their own personal culinary vision to the diner. This is what ostensibly separates chefs today from those of the past.

Originally, the English word “chef” came from the French phrase “chef de cuisine”. While a chef's training traditionally may last for four years and is heavily influenced by French methods, today's chef training may not necessarily have to last as long as that and often includes a look at cuisines beyond the classic French. In fact, if Wolfgang Puck isn't available, a good culinary arts school or food and beverage management program may be the key to beginning your chef career on the right path. read more [+]

Hands-on training is an important component of culinary arts certificate and degree programs, providing the rising chef with the knowledge and experience to work in top restaurants, bistros, and hotels and prepare the wide variety of cuisines that now feature on the culinary scenes in the United States and around the world.

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