Top 10 Cities for Food & Dining

by Nicki on January 20, 2011

Travel + Leisure have published their America’s Favorite Cities 2010 series. Yeah sure, culture, shopping, and quality of life were covered, but let’s (figuratively and literally) get down to the meat and potatoes, shall we? The Food/ Dining results, if you please:


  (according to visitors)
1. New Orleans
2. San Francisco
3. Providence
4. New York City
5. Chicago
6. Portland, OR
7. Seattle
8. Savannah
9. Charleston
10. San Antonio
  (according to residents)
1. San Francisco
2. New Orleans
3. New York City
4. Providence
5. Chicago
6. Houston
7. Portland, OR
8. Seattle
9. Charleston
10. Minneapolis/ St. Paul


  • New York City came in number one in the Big Name Restaurants and the Ethnic Food categories, according to both visitors and residents

  • Portland, Oregon enjoys the distinction of the best city for Farmer’s Markets, as well as Microbrew Beer

  • New Orleans can add another notch to its bedpost, as the Best City for Neighborhood Joints/ Cafés

  • San Francisco is the only city with the distinction of being voted into the Top 10, by both visitors and residents, in every category: Big Name Restaurants, Ethnic Food, Farmer’s Markets and Neighborhood Joints/ Cafés

  • In terms of Local Specialities, Memphis and Kansas City face off for the distinction of America’s Favorite City for BBQ (Visitors favor Memphis, while the residents voted K.C….)

  • (surprise, surprise) Seattle is the reigning Top City in the U.S. for Coffee Bars, followed by Portland, Oregon and San Francisco

  • Houston enjoys the prestigious title of the Best City for Hamburgers

  • Chicago just takes the Best City for Pizza crown from New York (although I may ask for a recount on those votes)

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Claire January 22, 2011 at 5:17 pm

What a great list, thanks for sharing! And that pizza looks so delicious!

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