U.S. States, According to Food

by Nicki on January 17, 2011

Don’t blame me if you’ve been misrepresented! I’d tell you to write to your Congressmen, but in this case, take it up with My Food Looks Funny! Food for Thought:

  • Forgive my ignorance, but¬†North Dakota¬†Knoeplah? South Carolina Benne Wafers? South Dakota Chislic?
  • Arkansas Jelly Pie recipes anyone?
  • Minnesota could only muster up “Fried Food on a Stick”? And all Utah’s got is Green Jello? Really?
  • Dry BBQ versus Wet BBQ – that’s not just when Memorial Day gets rained out?
  • NY Pizza versus Chicago-Style Pizza? My vote goes to NY… How about yours?
  • Rocky Mountain Oysters” is one HELL of a euphamism…

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