Quiz: What Type of Foodie Are You?

by Katia on June 14, 2010

1. If you had to choose a condiment, you would opt for:
A. Ketchup.
B. Tabasco.
C. Mango chutney.
D. Hollandaise.
E. Nutella.
F. Salt.
G. Kimchi.

2. If you were chocolate, you would be:
A. Dark.
B. Milk.
C. White.
D. Semisweet.
E. Bittersweet.
F. Couverture.
G. Covering espresso beans.

3. You like your bread:
A. Filled with whole grains and seeds.
B. Studded with fruits and nuts.
C. Sweet, braided, and crowned with pearl sugar.
D. White and sliced.
E. Not moldy.
F. Hot from the bakery.
G. Fresh from your own oven.

4. What’s on your grill?
A. Hamburgers.
B. Veggie burgers.
C. Ostrich burgers.
D. Steaks.
E. Portobello mushrooms.
F. Wild salmon.
G. Lamb chops.

5. What’s your favorite kitchen utensil?
A. A butter knife.
B. A can opener.
C. A whisk.
D. A bread knife.
E. A spatula.
F. A paring knife.
G. A bottle opener.

6. What is your greatest temptation?
A. A KitchenAid mixer.
B. An espresso machine.
C. The wine aisle at the supermarket.
D. A jar of caviar.
E. Hiring a maid.
F. A double-chocolate cheesecake.
G. Thai take-out.

7. If you were a cooking show host, you would be:
A. Martha Stewart.
B. Rachel Ray.
C. Julia Child.
D. Dan Akroyd.
E. Paula Deen.
F. Ming Tsai.
G. Guy Fieri.

8. Your favorite food is:
A. In front of you.
B. Sushi.
C. Macaroni and cheese.
D. A venti half-caf mochacchino with cinnamon and extra foam.
E. Brie.
F. Anything Mexican.
G. Anything fusion.

9. If you opened a restaurant it would be a:
A. Pizzeria.
B. French bistro.
C. Crepe house.
D. Macrobiotic diner.
E. Taco shack.
F. Sushi house.
G. Gastromolecular experience.

10. Your personal hell is:
A. Having a kitchen with no oven.
B. Watching someone eat when you’re not.
C. Being lactose intolerant and a celiac sufferer.
D. Eating at McDonald’s.
E. Running out of wasabi paste.
F. Burning dinner in the oven.
G. Publicly admitting you don’t know what the USDA’s Grade A designation means.

What kind of foodie do you think you are?

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