Dangerous Eating

by Katia on March 1, 2010

According to Time, the “Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods” are:

1. Hot dogs. The meat represents a choking hazard for children.
2. Blowfish. Prepared wrong, blowfish is lethal poison on a plate.
3. Ackee fruit. Widely eaten in Jamaica, ackee seeds are toxic, and consuming the fruit in its unripe form can lead to death.
4. Peanuts. Peanut allergies have the dubious honor as the “most common cause of food-allergy deaths.”
5. Salad greens. Contaminated salad greens led to 363 outbreaks in 2008.
6. Rhubarb. Too many rhubarb leaves can poison you.
7. Tuna. The fish contains high levels of mercury, which could be dangerous to your health.
8. Cassava. Wrongly prepared, cassava can contain poisonous cyanide.
9. Coffee. Having it around can be more dangerous than drinking it: spilling hot coffee in your lap is a burn hazard.
10. Mushrooms. Eating some varieties of mushrooms can kill you.


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