5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

by Katia on February 23, 2010

As a rule, every kitchen has gotta have its utensils and gadgets. Here is my top 5 list of must-have kitchen tools:

Stand mixer: Fire that baby up! Any serious baker has one of these: they mix up doughs in a jiffy and save your arms from all that repetitive mixing and kneading so you can concentrate on the more creative stuff like shaping and braiding your doughs.

Mandoline: If you like to make things look good (and who doesn’t), a mandoline will help you do that. It uniformly slices firm fruits and vegetables for the last word in professional touches.

Pie weights: Save food and leave the beans and rice alone. If you don’t have a set of clay pie weights, do yourself a favor and buy some now. They keep your pastries even and can be reused again and again.
Spring-form pan: You know what to do with one of these; they make those perfect-looking cakes fit for display. When you unclasp the spring on your baked cake, voila! Set it right under a cake display stand or cut off the raised top and get to work on a layered cake masterpiece.

Hand blender: Psst, listen up! A hand blender is the key to creating those velvety smooth soups people ask for second helpings of.

So what are your must-have kitchen tools?


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