Honey Cake

by Katia on February 8, 2010

February is a funny month. It doesn’t quite feel like winter anymore but it certainly doesn’t feel like spring. Apple desserts start to seem like a tired choice but I can’t put peach and berry pies on the radar just yet.

It’s time to bring out the honey! With a hot cup of tea, I find a slice of honey cake to be the perfect February afternoon indulgence.

I just tried the Majestic Moist and Honey Cake from Smitten Kitchen, but I can’t seem to leave a recipe alone, so I substituted in favor of peach juice, lots of amaretto, vanilla-flavored green tea, and a bit more vanilla instead of the cinnamon. (I’ll admit it, I had run out of cinnamon!)

It turned out more like an amaretto cake than a honey cake, but what the hell! It’s good for a February afternoon regardless.


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