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Baking and Pastry Arts

Thinking of becoming a pastry chef?

Can you imagine yourself creating layers of flaky, buttery pastry and turning sponges into triumphant loaves of bread? Pastry chefs and bakers are ostensibly the people responsible for making life a little sweeter, a little richer. And their tools? Chocolate, flour, creativity, panache, and a good whisk make up the pastry chef's bag of tricks, essential to making simply divine desserts. read more [+]

But aside from the quality of the raw material, honing your baking and pastry-making skills is a must if you want to get into this demanding yet rewarding field. Training to be a pastry chef with a good baking and pastry arts program is an excellent passport to the world of bread and pastry at pastry shops, bakeries, hotels, and restaurants around the country and around the world. Though grounded in a strong practical emphasis, baking and pastry arts certificate and degree programs often combine theory and hands-on training to provide a complete set of knowledge and skills applicable to working in today's bakeries and pastry shops. Once thoroughly trained in your craft and working amidst the delicate aromas of a pastry shop, can you imagine a sweeter life?

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One of the employment options for qualified baking and pastry chefs may be catering services. Caterers may encompass the entire dining experience, from working with clients to create the perfect menu, to working out the finer details including service and table settings.

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