Sweet Pastry Chef Job Opportunities


Education for Pastry Chefs

Earning a degree may give your pastry chef job opportunities a real boost. In addition to the training you receive in your classes, you might find it easier to discover internship opportunities that may bolster your career. If you would like to become a pastry chef, you may have two main education options.

First, you could earn your degree or certificate in pastry arts. Pastry arts degrees generally do not take as long as culinary arts degrees, so you may start your new job faster. However, you might miss out on the broader education that a culinary arts degree provides, and you might find it difficult to move from working as a pastry chef to working as a regular chef.

Your other option is to earn your degree in the broader field of culinary arts. This option may give you more flexibility, but your program probably will not spend as much time on pastry preparation as a program devoted to training pastry chefs. Internships and on-the-job training may help to make up for the lack of in-class instruction.

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