Scholarships for a Culinary Arts Program


Cooking up Some Funding: How to Find Scholarships for a Culinary Arts Program

There is no need to feel discouraged by the cost of a culinary arts degree. With the help of scholarships and grants, you might find that the culinary arts program of your dreams is well within your reach.

Where to Find Scholarships and Grants

There are two main places to look for scholarships and grant money. Some organizations offer scholarships to promising students no matter what school they choose to attend. You need to seek out these scholarships on your own, but the web is a great resource for you as you begin your hunt.

The second kind of scholarships and grants comes directly from your school. Once you are admitted to a culinary arts school, check with the financial aid office to see if you are eligible for any scholarships or grants. These monetary prizes are available based on your academic merit, your extracurricular and volunteer activities, and your current financial situation.

Basic Information for Scholarship Forms

As you navigate through the maze of financial aid forms, you might notice that scholarship committees ask for the same information again and again. You can save yourself time and effort by photocopying every scholarship form before you mail it. That way, you have all of the basic information at your fingertips when it comes time to work on the next form. Often, scholarship applications require that you attach your resume. If your resume is not up to date, now is a great time to get it back into shape.

Though the application process for culinary arts scholarships and grants can seem tedious, the potential payoff far outweighs the time spent on the applications.

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