Hospitality Management Careers


People with bachelor's degrees in hospitality management may be well prepared to enter hospitality management careers. These careers may include hotel and restaurant management as well as other careers related to travel and tourism. Degree programs in hospitality management may focus on such topics as entrepreneurship and marketing and information systems. This training may prepare you for the dual demands of running your business for a profit and making sure that your customers are always happy.

Hospitality Management Careers in Restaurant Management

Hospitality management degree holders may be particularly well suited to the unique demands of restaurant management. Hospitality management careers in restaurant management may be fast-paced and rewarding. Your activities each day may vary dramatically.

Some days, you might find yourself dealing with staff shortages by placing employment ads, interviewing prospective employees, and filling in for a missing line cook. Other days, you could be working with the executive chef to plan seasonal menus based on customers' taste preferences and your chef's new recipe ideas. Another of your responsibilities could be to plan delivery times for all of the fruits, vegetables, proteins, spices, and grains that the chef may need to prepare items on his or her menu. Sometimes you might spend the afternoon filling out payroll information and scheduling your staff for the coming week and the evening socializing with your customers.

Though some people might find this long list of responsibilities daunting, those in hospitality management careers thrive on the challenge. If you have a knack for making people feel at ease, you may have a keen business mind, and you may be good at multi-tasking, you should ask yourself if a hospitality management career is right for you.

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