Culinary Arts Programs


Culinary Program Options

If you may have decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts by enrolling in a culinary program, you may still have one decision left to make: which type of culinary program to choose. You may have three main options, and each one may prepare you for a different career path.

Culinary Arts Programs

Culinary arts programs may prepare you for a career as a chef. In a culinary arts program, you may learn basic food preparation techniques. You may learn how to work with a variety of ingredients to prepare main courses and hors d'oeuvres.

Some typical classes for culinary arts degrees may include sanitation and safety; culinary skills; preparation of stocks, soups, and sauces; meat, poultry, and fish preparation; baking and pastry preparation; wines and beverages; and restaurant customer service operations. Though most culinary arts students may take some courses related to the business of running a restaurant, the program is may be much more focused around food.

Baking and Pastry Arts Programs

Baking and pastry arts programs may cover some of the same basic food preparation topics as culinary arts programs, but the main focus is on desserts. This program may prepare you for a career as a pastry chef. Courses in pastry arts programs may include pastries and yeast doughs; chocolates and confections; cakes and desserts; and cookies and tarts.

Culinary Arts Management Programs

Culinary arts management programs may prepare you for work as a restaurant manager. You might take courses in such topics as event management, technology, marketing, accounting and law, and customer service in addition to the culinary arts courses mentioned above.

No matter which culinary program you choose, you may look forward to a career in the exciting, vibrant restaurant industry.

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